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The Serious Art of Gift Giving, Part 1

There is nothing like the moment when someone's eyes widen with excitement upon looking at a truly exquisite gift. The right gift leaves a lasting impression. It celebrates an achievement, heralds the beginning of an exciting new chapter, or captures the essence of things past.

We are serious about gift giving. We live for the expression on a person’s face when he or she first sees a beautiful bow wrapped around crisp cellophane holding distinctive treasures.

Our baskets are designed to tell a story. Each custom basket is as personal and unique as the sentiment between the giver and the recipient. Our pre-made baskets combine the comforting and familiar with the unexpected and surprising.

Here is a little insight into the inspiration behind some of our recent favorites:

Engagement Basket

This was a custom basket for a client who wanted to do something special for a good friend who was recently engaged. She wanted to keep the “Mr. and Mrs.” theme so we included these insulated champagne flutes which are great because you can take them to the beach or pool and keeps everything chilled . They also have a cute new little pup that they are obsessed with so we added a special bandana just for him.

Gender Neutral Basket

This basket was inspired by a recent client who requested a basket for a gender reveal party. We thought it was a great ideal to create a basket for baby showers or new moms and to keep it warm, cozy and neutral.

Gin Basket

A great choice for either a man or a woman, this basket is for you favorite gin lover! It includes three different flavors of tonics, vermouth, cocktail picks and cocktail olives. We also included juniper berries (which is where gin comes from) to add color and flavor to the gift.

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