Better With Age

We Teach Grown Women to Play Dress Up

As moms, teachers, business owners and wives - we get it! There's a huge temptation to forget that we are the central figures of our own stories. As your personal style coaches, we are here, ladies, to remind you that you have NOT gotten too old, too heavy or too tired to make a splash, start anew or make a startling impression.

Our guiding principle is revitalize how you feel about yourself - your confidence, sex appeal, creativity -  by teaching you how to play with your wardrobe. We support you in letting go of your hangups about age, weight, and gender so you can go about your day feeling and looking great. In effect, we encourage you to age inappropriately.

We work with you, one-on-one, to curate a fashionably functional wardrobe that heeds your lifestyle but ignites that GLOW you’ve been missing.

We're serious about one thing: Fashion should be FUN.



Play With Fashion


The Leading Lady

Get the Full Wardrobe Makeover You've Always Wanted

The role is yours. The script is drafted. Let's learn your lines! At dress rehearsal, SS takes your measurements to find your best fit, assesses your current wardrobe (what’s working, what’s not), takes inventory of your accessories, and shops with you for flattering new pieces. Ready for the final cut, we get to work curating ensembles and teaching you effective & efficient daily routines designed to cue your individual style and embolden your feminine strength.

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